Thousands of technologies ansolutions we use every daycome from the space industry.

From computer microchips to ear thermometers and freeze dried food. From joysticks and smoke detectors to navigation systems, mobile phone networks and internet access everywhere. Technology transferred from space programs surrounds us in our everyday life.

Earth observation data, machine learning and automation will change how we work, how we manage our resources and assets and give birth to entirely new classes of products and services that does not exist today. We will be able to not only monitor and report, but predict with precision and act on real insight.

Spaceport Norway is an arena where you will discover new technology and services that might enhance or transform how you work and manage your business, where you might find new customers or partners, where you will be inspired to the take the next step.

World class speakers from NASA, ESA, UN, EC, Oceaneering and many more, will give you 3 days with new knowledge and insights, hands-on workshops, special sessions and announcements, and most important: new business opportunities.

Opening ceremony & reception: 18 June 2017
Conference program: 19-21 June 2017

Welcome to Spaceport Norway!



Over the last 50 years Norway has been a force in high technology industrial development, and produced world leading and innovative companies like Kongsberg Gruppen, Statoil and Telenor. Companies developing and commercialising cutting edge defence technology, world leading networked ground stations, global telecom services for a wide range of markets, and of course: oil, gas and energy.

The oil and gas industry has been instrumental to this development and has shaped a true international environment for business and technology development, as well as fostering a culture for open innovation and collaboration across geographical borders and business sectors.

Stavanger, located on the scenic west coast, has one of the strongest clusters of technology companies in the country and is also home to one of the world’s largest oil and technology exhibition & conference, ONS. This is where we will host the first Spaceport Norway.

Close to spectacular nature, magic nordic light, deep fjords and pristine beaches. I
n a city that is aspiring to be one of the beacons of smart urbanity in Europe. Stavanger Forum is our venue with premium facilities and rooms for the most spectacular exhibitions, providing a total of more than 30.000 m2 of exhibition space. Stavanger Forum has the expertise, capacity and tools needed for a high quality global event, having being the technical provider for the ONS conference for decades.


The space industry is growing and changing rapidly; globalization of the industry is accelerating and democratization of the sector is gaining ground. New technology delivers increased and improved information which uncovers new insights, creates new opportunities and enables precise predictions that can change value chains and business models. The declining cost to launch satellites and remote sensing technology to orbit, makes space accessible and relevant for more companies – this will shape entirely new markets.



…the farmer could water his fields only where needed, at the right time and with the right amount, autonomously? Enabled by remote sensing data from combination of space and terrestrial sensors, processed by machine learning algorithms, integrated with the farmer´s equipment? How much water would be saved globally? How would that translate into financial results? Food security? Reaching sustainable development goals?

How could the same data driven approach be relevant for forestry? Fishery? For optimising energy value chains? Smarter and more connected cities? Autonomous transport systems? What new categories of products and services will be unlocked by space borne technology and services?

The possibilities enabled by earth observation data, goes far beyond monitoring –
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