Stavanger, 6 Aug 2019

ESA Astronaut is coming to Spaceport Norway 2019!

ESA Astronaut, Dr. Matthias Maurer

We are proud to announce that Dr. Matthias Maurer, an European Space Agency Astronaut from the Class of 2009,  is coming to Spaceport Norway 2019 in Trondheim!

Matthias is one of the new generation astronauts, that one day in the relatively near future, might set foot on the moon. He will be our opening keynote speaker on 5 september, the title of his talk is:

“Going forward to the Moon to stay - an astronaut's perspective”

Matthias graduated with a doctorate in materials science engineering in 2004, for this work he earned several national awards for outstanding research in the field of materials sciences. He is also the inventor of more than 10 patent applications, half of them international registrations. 

Matthias formally joined the European astronaut corps in July 2015, and successfully graduated from both basic astronaut training and pre-assignment training in 2018.

We look forward to meet Matthias Maurer in Trondheim!

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