Oslo, Norway

The day after the announcement of Spaceport Norway in Mexico, Abelia, the business association of Norwegian knowledge and technology based enterprises, published a brief interview with Spaceport Norway on their site.

The interview is in Norwegian – read it here:



Abelia is a trade and employers association associated with Norways largest employers’ organisation; the NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry). Abelia is a non-profit, non-party political organisation funded by membership fee paid by the member companies.

Abelia is dedicated to improving the business environment for its member companies in the knowledge- and technology based sector, and to promoting the industry’s contribution to economic growth and social progress. By influencing policy, Abelia improves business opportunities for members and supports initiatives that stimulate demand for members’ products and services.

Abelia represents more than 1700 member companies within:

  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • R&D
  • Education
  • Consultancy

Abelia is one of Spaceport Norway´s early supporters, we aim to create value and opportunities for many of their members on our journey towards the launch of our first Spaceport Norway conference and exhibition, opening 17 June 2017.