International Astronautical Congress 2018
Bremen, Tyskland
4 October, 2018

Spaceport Norway conference leaves Stavanger - ready for the technology city Trondheim in 2019

After being organized 2 years at Stavanger Forum, the conference focusing on space business and industry development, was launched with a new host city at the world’s largest conference room in Bremen yesterday.

“It was at IAC 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico, we announced Spaceport Norway for the first time, for over 500 people – it is very nice to be part of the Norway pavilion here in Bremen. We have come a long way in 2 years! The conference had never been without support from Stavanger Municipality and Stavanger Forum in the first year, but now is the time to move on, “ says Executive Director for Spaceport Norway, Ole Dokka.

The Norway Pavillion at IAC 2018 in Bremen

Work on next year’s conference is in full progress, and the host city becomes Trondheim.

“It was a great interest from Trondheim to get Spaceport Norway there, and since the interest of business and academia in Rogaland has been minimal, this is the only reasonable choice for us. Trondheim has relevant industry, world-class research institutes, and not least over 30,000 students – it is also one of the reasons we move the time from spring to autumn. We want to engage the students! “, says Dokka.

The Norwegian Space Center has supported the conference from the first year, and is pleased that Trondheim has now been chosen as a host city.

“Spaceport Norway has become a valuable interdisciplinary meeting place with space business and business development in the center. In this spring, the great presence of the European Space Agency became an important part of the event and contributed to the over 250 delegates attending the conference, and not least 800 schoolchildren met the astronaut Paolo Nespoli in Stavanger – there was a lot of enthusiasm! We look forward to take the conference to Trondheim, which has a lot of relevant industry and research, “says Marianne Moen, Communications Director at Norwegian Space Center.

The work with Spaceport Norway 2019 is in full swing, with the main theme RESOURCES as a headline.

“From the outset in 2016, we have had the UN’s sustainability goals with us when we have developed programs and recruited speakers from NASA, UN, ESA and many others. That we now build a program related to the need to improve on how we extract, use, and manage resources on our planet is a natural continuation for us. But this time we go further: we will also look at resources outside the earth’s atmosphere, “ says Dokka.

Ole Dokka, Executive Director, Spaceport Norway

Establishing a presence on the moon has gained a new renaissance from the established actors in international space industry and the new private companies who are often called “New Space” with Elon Musk´s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos´s Blue Origin at the forefront.
Much technology has to be developed over the next few years, this can create new opportunities for the Norwegian technology industry.

“This is incredibly exciting and the technology we need to develop to make this possible will have great value for life on earth – we must learn to do more with less,” concludes Dokka.

Spaceport Norway 2019 is being held at Clarion Hotel & Congress in Trondheim,
4 and 5 September 2019.

Spaceport Norway is an international conference focusing on space business as a platform for new business development, and was hosted at Stavanger Forum in 2017 and 2018. The conference is developed and produced by Conventor AS, owned by Stavanger Forum, Conventor AS and Rocket Grace Group AS .

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