Brighton, 16 Jul 2019

50 years since the Apollo 11 launch in 1969 - get one of the 69 Anniversary Tickets at a 50% discount!

NASA’s Apollo 11 mission was a feat unlike any other in human history: After a rocket carried them 250,000 miles through space, two of these astronauts, Neil Armstrong (left) and Buzz Aldrin (right), landed on the moon and spent two and a half hours out on the lunar surface. The astronaut in the center is Michael Collins, who stayed in orbit around the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were on the surface.

That first-ever moon landing took place July 20, 1969, making this year the 50th anniversary.

To celebrate the most significant achievement in human history, we sell 69 Spaceport Norway 2019 tickets at a 50% discount. The offer ends 20 July, 8:17 PM GMT.