Guadalajara, Mexico

As a part of the official Global Networking Forum program (GNF) at IAC 2016, Spaceport Norway was launched towards the press and industry today, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Tuesday was Elon Musk´s big day down here, today it´s our turn”, says Executive Director Ole Dokka with a smile.

Spaceport Norway is a new space and technology conference & exhibition, launching with an opening concert by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, in 17 June 2017
The industrial conference and expo will run over 4 days and starts Monday 19 June
There will also be a major exhibition open to the public, targeting children, families and young students and professionals.

“I asked a small group of people with relations in the space industry; Is it possible and relevant to host a major event connected to space technology, in Norway, at Stavanger Forum? They did a bit of research and concluded that there is. The level of awareness of what goes on in the space industry is low outside the sector, and a lot of business opportunities and partnerships are missed because of this. We want to create an arena where new partnerships and projects can be formed”, says Managing Director at Stavanger Forum, Jan Hauge.

Stavanger Forum, Expo
Spaceport Norway´s venue is Stavanger Forum, Norway

“We are creating this cross-industrial conference and exhibition next year, because of the tremendous development and growth in the space sector the past few years – more globalisation and rapidly increasing democratisation creates opportunities for industries outside the sector, at the same time the global space sector needs more engagement from other industries to increase speed of innovation and reduce cost of development”, says Dokka.

Spaceport Norway will focus on space as platform for business and industrial development, facilitating technology and competence transfer across industries and disciplines, but also focus on business potential in big data gathered by recent satellite development and sensor technology.

“The quality and precision in the enormous amounts of data gathered by fairly affordable remote sensing technology in low earth orbit, is staggering and will be relevant for a lot of industries going forward. Farming, forestries, fisheries, smart cities, autonomous transport systems, even asset and value chain management in the energy industry might be transformed using this new level of insight. A modern farm will be able to water the fields exactly where needed, when the time is right and with the right amount of water, based on data from numerous sources, including satellites. How much water this will save us globally, I don´t know yet. But it will be significant and drive a more sustainable food production”, says Dokka.

Stavanger seen from space. Image courtesy of ESA - European Space Agency
Stavanger seen from space. Image courtesy of ESA – European Space Agency

Today the use of these data sets is primarily about monitoring; climate, shipping, emergency preparedness – but it might be the key to the next level of global resource management. Spaceport Norway will recruit companies from the space sector, relevant technology companies, academia and research institutions, and from the digital industry. Big data analytics, deep machine learning and artificial intelligence, will be crucial competence going forward, in order to really put this new level of insight to the best use.

Ole Dokka, Executive Director
Ole Dokka, Executive Director

“I would like to add that even if we are a lot about business and value creation, our exhibition that is open to the public will be all about inspiration and experiences. It will be super fun”, concludes Dokka.

Press contact: Ole Dokka,, +47 902 15 376