A former NASA Ames Director, the Director of UN´s Office for Outer Space Affairs, the head of EU´s unit for Space Data, are coming to Stavanger, 18-21 June 2017. We are thrilled to present some of the world class speakers you will meet at Stavanger Forum this summer.

Since we announced Spaceport Norway at IAC September 2016, we have been reaching out to leading organisations, companies and individuals that we believed would support our main mission: make space relevant for many.

We are honoured to present a strong and diverse line-up of speakers now confirmed (more is coming!) for Spaceport Norway this summer – all of them represents a combination of extra ordinary expertise and real world experience in how science and technology from the space sector, can create value for other sectors and industries and enabling innovation and new growth.

Our goal is that you, as a Spaceport Norway delegate, will not only learn new things about what is possible, but also that you will be able to act on new knowledge and new relations you will establish in Stavanger this summer.