A week ago, on Sunday 18 June, the first Spaceport Norway reception for speakers and special guests had just finished. The principal of University of Stavanger welcomed the 50+ international guests to Stavanger, Erik Tandberg had received the first Spaceport Norway Award, we were all cared for with great food and refreshments at Innovation Dock.

Principal of University of Stavanger, Marit Boyesen, gave a welcome speech to Spaceport Norway speakers, delegates and special guests at the opening reception.
Erik Tandberg received the first Spaceport Norway Award at the reception, Sunday 18 June. Tandberg received the award for his lifelong effort as science communicator and promoter of global space activities, creating awareness for and inspiring several generations.

We were ready for a program with three full days and two nights of excellent speakers and exhibitors from over 37 organisations worldwide, and a great multidisciplinary audience of almost 200 people from 6 countries and 74 companies & organisations.

Opening reception at Innovation Dock in Stavanger: Cecilia Hertz (from the left) and the first korean astronaut, Soyeon Yi, in conversation with the Director of United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs, Simonetta Di Pippo

Early the next day, the program started at 08:10AM, too early for many – but not for the opening keynote speaker, Dr. Simon «Pete» Worden. He kicked off the Technology Transfer day at Stavanger Forum 08:30 sharp, after a brief welcome by the Exectutive Director, Ole Dokka and this year´s host from Berlin, Sebastian Straube, CEO and Founder of Interstellar Ventures.

Pete Worden, ex NASA Ames Research Center Director, now Chairman of the Board for Breakthrough Initiatives, was the opening keynote speaker at Spaceport Norway 2017.


Gary Martin, Director Partnerships at NASA Ames Research Center, introduced the audience to the many ways of working together with NASA.


Our host, Sebastian Straube, in a Q & A session with speakers from Nammo, CMR Prototech and Ripple Aerospace
The two speakers from Oceaneering, Espen Ingebretsen and Mark Stevens, inspired and impressed the audience at Spaceport Norway 2017.

The sessions on Monday morning set the tone that would stay for the next 3 days; great speakers and an engaged audience, all very much forward leaning and looking, examining and discovering new opportunities. A very positive vibe best summed up by Gary Martin from NASA Ames Research Center:

‘Spaceport Norway was an excellent event attended by important influencers of the emerging commercial space movement.  I was very pleased to meet so many new leaders shaping the future at the conference and to reconnect with old friends.  There was a great energy and positive spirit throughout the event.’

Gary Martin, Director Partnerships, NASA Ames Research Center

For all of you that attended this years event, as speaker, exhibitor or delegate – you were a big part of creating a unique atmosphere of optimism and curiosity, a sense of eagerness to seek and find new, valuable and sustainable solutions, to shape a future enabled by more science and technology from a growing and fast evolving space sector.

We received very positive feedback from speakers, exhibitors and delegates during and after the event. New relations were established, new leads were created, ideas were exchanged, old friends discussed new topics in new contexts – we will build on this experience and hope you will be part of the exciting journey we have started. This work will continue autumn 2017.

We could not have asked for a better starting point for Spaceport Norway, thanks a lot for being a part of making it possible!

All images in this article is by the hard working and talented photographer, Andrea Rocha. You can see a lot more of her excellent work from this year´s event at the new page 2017 – In images.