From computer microchips to ear thermometers and
freeze dried food. From joysticks and smoke detectors
to navigation systems, mobile phone networks and
internet access everywhere.

Technology transferred from space programs surrounds
us in our everyday life.

How can technology transfer from the space sector
accelerate innovation in your company?

Can technology from your company be of interest for
the space sector?

Earth observation data services are growing three times
faster than other satellite services, and this is expected
to continue towards 2020 and beyond.

Remote sensing, AI, machine learning and automation
will change how we work, how we manage our resources
and assets.

How can it be of value for precision farming?
Smartesocieties? Infrastructure builders?
Oil and gas companies? Offshore fish farming?

How can it help us reach UN´ s Sustainable DevelopmenGoals?

How do we manage risk in a time of great change and

How will digitalisation of entire industries change our
perspective and ways of handling crisis and

How will this development change oil and
gas companies? Shipping companies? The finance
sector? The aviation industry?

What can we learn from an astronaut that nearly died in